Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17th Thankful List

I've decided my thankful list this month consists of a list of 4 people.

As I move into this ninth month of a missing Charlie I am closing in on completing my first (true) half marathon.  I have run a half previously but was unable to actually make the race so I ran around Murray, KY with Johnny and Bob helping me finish it up before anyone else had even thought about getting out of bed in our quiet college town. 

To say that I am excited is really an understatement.  Running has played a large part in helping me heal since Charlie passed and I want to finish and finish strong.  Eliminating my "eat anything, drink anything, and do anything mentality" to make it through the day those days in the hospital had to stop.  So with a nudge from several doctors, encouragement from my sweet husband, and a "You can do it!" from a few friends I signed up.  At that point there was no turning back.  

Since then I have been running very consistently, at least 4 or 5 days a week.  It is amazing how much starting to take care of yourself again can change your mood and help you climb out of the deep deep hole of depression.  

Very recently the few of us at Woodfill (including Johnny) that are running on May 3rd have been texting one another.  It started with a simple, "Hey, I need some support and here is what I ran today...keep me accountable."  It has actually been good for all of us.  As we post our times and mileage we are keeping each other accountable, but more importantly we are encouraging one another.  

So here is my thankful list; Johnny, Keith, Paul, and Mary.  Y'all inspire me and make me brave!  I am not sure I would have made it to this point without each of you!  Thank you.  Can't wait for race day!       

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