Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Free Therapy

Someone told me that running would be a good release for me.  They explained that since I describe running as therapeutic (for the most part), that I should take advantage of the free therapy while getting back into shape.  The only way I was going to be committed to that in the midst of this season of my life is if I had a checklist and/or a goal to work towards.  I like crossing things off a list.  So I registered for The Flying Pig and immediately jotted down a running schedule in my new May Book beginning in January.  I registered before I could even run three miles at my race pace but I knew I needed to sign up in order to stay motivated to continue running in the snow, rain, through fatigue, and late into the evenings when everyone else was sleeping.

Through my training I have typically run on the treadmill at the gym but since the weather has improved I have not missed any opportunity to run outside.  It feels good to breath in the fresh air and pick up the pace without hearing the beep of the treadmill.  The only problem, I was completely taken off guard when I literally broke down into tears as I ran down Highland Avenue tonight.  I guess a lot of emotion has been building up and I haven't really been able to let it out for some reason.  So after a little over three miles I stopped, cried, walked and prayer.  I thanked God for giving me this outlet, this thing that I can do where I am alone with my thoughts.  And then of course, I thanked God for all three of my babies.

Man, I miss him.            


  1. We still pray for you.... Everyday. Tula, my middle girl, always calls prayer dibs on Charlie's mommy. She loves seeing pictures of you and the twins on Instagram and always comments that you are smiling. She's learning to have faith in a God that hears her through your story. I hope that somehow that is a sign of the ripple effect that Charlie's life, though it was cut way too short, it's made an impact on many.

  2. I am crying reading this right now. You have absolutely no idea how much that means. I am glad there is a ripple reaching others in my brokenness. I also love that I am referred to as "Charlie's mommy." There is no higher compliment. Thank you. Thank you.


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