Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Who Wants to be Brave?

At church this past week we started our all church journey through Crossroads which is titled "Brave."  You can view the "trailor" so to speak below.  It's amazing and whether you attend Crossroads or not you should download the app and check it out or watch the messages from our weekend services.

So my first thought was I don't want to be brave anymore.  I know, I'm just a ball joy and happiness that surely everyone wants to hang out with!  Ha, but seriously, I don't want to put anymore of myself out there, I don't want to stretch this new place of comfort I am starting to find, and I do not, absolutely do not want to be brave anymore than I already am everyday that I go to work and put a smile on my face for over 8 hours.  Alright, I said it.  I laid it out there.

I have honestly been in battle with myself in regards to this "journey" since I heard about it several months ago.  If someone hadn't said, "Let's do a group together..." I would have probably not be brave enough to seek it out on my own.  I would have skipped this powerful place God wanted me to be every Monday night for 6 weeks.   As we are reading and investigating this idea of bravery together on the weekend and then during our small group we were challenged to choose a "heading" or an area of our lives where we will take a brave step later in our journey.  I can honestly say that I wouldn't have ever said my "heading" out loud to anyone had I not been gently nudged to share it two friends who both then said, "You should share.  No one will be surprised...and everyone will be supportive."

I am not sure I am really ready to share this goal or "heading" with everyone that reads my blog (if anyone does) but it may come soon.  You may get to peek inside my heart for just a minute if I can muster up the courage to "say it out loud" again.

So I am writing all of this to say, I am trying to be brave.  I am going to keep going where God wants me to go and I am going to lean into him because I can't do it alone.      

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