Sunday, May 17, 2015


The twins have learned to love "adventures."  Mrs. Jenny makes their days at home full of fun and full of wonderful memories.  I am so thankful for that.  I am so glad as I walk out the door to go to work each morning that I do not have to worry that my twins are being taken care of or being loved.  They are so loved.

One reason I know this is because now in the evening when we are home, they beg to go on "adventures" like they do with Mrs. Jenny.  

"I'll show you the strawberries mom." 

"Look at that sign mommy." 

"Dad, come on!  We have to go on our adventure!" 

This past week we walked to the blue mailbox at the top of the street one evening after school.  Johnny carried the envelope that held mail for their great grandma.  They shared the news that they were going to take mail to the mailbox with the neighbors.  The little girl across the street was excited to hear about it.  They loved every single second of our adventure.  This video says it all.  Pure joy; and I have to agree, I am excited for grandma to get this mail too!

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