Saturday, May 16, 2015

Baskets Full of Eggs

My husband is one of a kind.  He has this motivation and determination about him that makes me proud.  I am glad that we get to build a life together with our kids.  I am glad that we are on the same team.  And I am so glad we can honestly pursue things that are right for us when opportunities present themselves.

Last night we were talking about something coming up and he told me he has "put all of his eggs in this particular basket."  I got nervous because I obviously care about his heart, but I told him I was proud of him and I think he is doing the right thing for him and for our family.  He said, "If something happens and it doesn't work out I'll just pick up our eggs and put them back in another basket, but Case, I'm all in."

I was thinking about what he was saying and I don't think I would want him to be any other way.  He knows that in order to be completely invested and completely on board you have to be "all in."  I understand even more after hearing him say that, that he is giving this his all and pursuing something really important to him.

I am glad that he will teach our kids the importance of being committed to their dreams by being completely committed to his own dreams.

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