Friday, May 15, 2015

Prayers at Bedtime

I just left Macy and Johnny's room after getting them both in bed.  We have a pretty typical routine; read a book or two, snuggle for just a minute, pray over them/with them, and give "a hug and a kiss" as Macy says.  Tonight though when we prayed Johnny said something so special about his brother.

This was his prayer.

Dear God, 

Thank you for mommy and daddy, Macy and Johnny, and baby Charlie.  (At this point he looked at me and said, "He is up there mom," as he pointed to the ceiling.  Then he continued...) Thank you for Lolli and Pop, Gigi and Poppy, Mrs. Jenny, Aunt Kiki and Uncle Phil-Pup, Grayson and Kiley, Uncle Matt-Moo, Uncle Jim and Aunt Alicia.  My cars. (Note: Our prayers at this point are lists of all the people (or things) we love, we think about, we know need prayers, etc. Hang with me...)  The kids that are hungry.  The kids that don't have a mommy or daddy.  Our friends.  Baby Otto in Africa and Baby Charlie again.  (He stopped his prayer again and said, "He is home Mommy. Charlie is home.")  


His head fell to his pillow and his eyes closed.  He was ready to fall asleep after handing those sweet people (and cars) over to Jesus.  

I love that we all know that Charlie is home.  He is in heaven with Jesus where there is no pain.  

John and Macy may never know how much their words about Charlie mean to me.  There is something about their voices and the perfect words they speak to our Savior that touch me in a place no one else could.  Their heart is in the purest place and they talk about Charlie not out of obligation but rather out of love.  I am glad he is home and I am glad we can say that out loud and share in that joy together as a family.  

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