Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our Coney Days

It is so special to come home from teaching my enrichment class with Megan this week to my two sweet littles at the top of the stairs looking down at me yelling, "Mom!  We're going to the pool!" Their faces and hair are greasy from the recent sunscreen lathering and their swim suits are raised above their heads.  The smiles on their faces are bigger than I have ever seen them.  There is a joy that I am not sure adults are actually capable of, coming out of their little bodies!  It radiates!  I am in heaven on earth in these special moments.

The few times we have visited Coney have definitely been their favorite days.  I am sure we will continue to make memories there this summer.  It is a happy day when we make our way into Ohio to visit our favorite pool and rides.  

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