Thursday, June 11, 2015

Macy Kate

Dear Macy, 

I hope you never get too old to come in our room in the morning and jump in the "big bed." While I got ready for work ("to teach the kids") the other day I relished in the fact that you really wanted to be by me. You wanted to watch me get ready and you wanted me to snuggle for a few minutes. Eventually when the hair dryer became too much you demanded I shut the bathroom door but you didn't leave the room. You still wanted to be close. 

This picture is so precious to me. It reminds me of so many pieces of your perfect personality. At this moment you were telling me "No cheesin' Mom!" and you meant it! You are fierce my sweet girl but your innocence and kindness far surpass any mean bone in your body.  I hope you never lose that. You smiled at me after that and rested your head on your hands in our bed because you are comfortable there. I am so thankful we have been able to make our house a home for you to grow up in the past three years. You are confident, you are beautiful, you are loved by our Heavenly Father. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently. 



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  1. Oh my, you will have fun when she is a teen. What a beauty. She reminds me of you and Carrie when you were little like her.


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