Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rossford Park

A few months ago when we learned about this crazy incredible opportunity to build a house in Fort Thomas the first thing I said to John was, "What about Charlie's bench??"  I explained that I might not want to move that far away from it.  I think he thought I was crazy but he kindly explained that we would still live in Fort Thomas and it really isn't far away at all.  I agreed with him even though it was still on my mind.  The reality is when your house and backyard backs up to a park you probably aren't driving across town to go to a different park.  So it stayed on my mind.  And if I'm being honest I almost told John I didn't want to build the house because of the location of Charlie's bench.  I didn't thanks to several sweet friends (whom Johnny now loves...) but I was close to giving up on the whole idea of moving at all.

We finally made the decision to build the house and have been excited about the new memories we will get to make there.  But even in the midst of the joy I still wished the bench was closer.  It has become such a happy place for us to go and think and remember Charlie.  I think my mom knew I wanted it closer.  She knew it was bothering me but before she mentioned something to me about having it moved to the park behind our new house, she called the city of Fort Thomas and asked if it was possible to take the plaque and move it to another bench.  The city was beyond accommodating and explained that they had a special place in Rossford Park that the entire bench could be moved to. She told my mom that there was a slab that had already been poured and was just waiting for a bench.  It was kind of too perfect.  She explained that if we wanted to go ahead and move it we were welcome to let her know and they would have it moved as soon as possible.  

My mom asked me about it one afternoon and John and I visited the slab and then agreed that would be the perfect spot.  It was a special park for John growing up and the fact that the twins (along with Charlie) get to play in that park too is going to be so special.  I run in that park sometimes, and plan to even more when we move.  There is a track around the ball fields and playground.  Charlie's bench is right on the track facing one of the fields and our new home.  I'm still so thankful for the gift of that park bench and cherish all the people that had a part in giving it to us.  And now I can finally say we're moving and Charlie's bench is coming with us!  

Shheww!  I'm glad we'll all be together!    

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