Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This Day A Year Ago...

I rushed Charlie to the hospital on this day last year.  That morning I knew Charlie wasn't acting right, but I had no idea what was really going on in his body.  I had no idea what the next 10 days of my life would be like.  And now, it's such a weird day to relive a year later.

Today I felt so frustrated that I have to remember this day and every day for the next 10 days with a heavy heart.  I guess I made it through a year.  Everyone says it gets better from here on but it still hurts and I still want to change it all.

I'm saying good night to this day even though I am wide eyed at almost midnight.  Tomorrow was when we learned Charlie was really sick and our nurse Jen looked a little more concerned than she had the day before.  We were going to be in the hospital for awhile...

I pray you clear my memory God; just for the next few days.  Don't let me relive those awful moments in the PICU.  Take away this pain.      

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