Friday, October 30, 2015

Just Be You and Be With Me

I have said this before, very recently in fact, but way more people than I dreamed read this teeny tiny thing I call Roses on Rossford.  This place that I literally push things out of my brain, I'm realizing, might make people nervous.  I get that and I'm sorry if the last few posts have not been positive or have not shown the "I'm going to be okay Casey."  I am going to be okay but sometimes I feel lonely and all the emotions that come with grief flood my heart and my head.  Some of the things I have written may be hard to read.  I get that because they are hard to live too.

But what I need to say now is that I am learning that this piece of my life is something I must carry now, not change or make go away.  I get that that is hard to hear or see because who wants anyone to keep a brokenness like this as a part of their life.  No one ever would wish this on even their worst enemy. 

But what you should know is its here to stay and I'm here to get up and carry it.  Anyone that wants to help me, I will let you.  But that means you can't fix me.  That means you can't tell me that I'm broken.  You need only to be still.  You need only to know that the most helpful thing for me is for you to carry this grief with me for a minute or hour or an afternoon when I need to talk about it.  You need to know that the most helpful thing is really only hard for you because it's uncomfortable.  You don't have to do much at all.  Just be you and be with me.     

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