Thursday, October 29, 2015

Writing My Grief

I'm taking this course on writing my grief, but I'm not going to write about how I feel.  That is probably the dumbest thing I have ever written.  It's ridiculous, I know.  But this is my first prompt.  It is the first thing I am supposed to write about.  When I think about what I do not want to write about I immediately go to how I feel. 

I think I am supposed to do this grief thing a certain way and I am supposed to feel a certain way.  Today I learned again that is not true but I am still so afraid to write about how I feel. You are all laughing, because isn't that what I do every time I write on the blog?  This is going to sound silly, but in my mind, not really.  I have written on the blog to literally get things out of my head.  It's been my outlet.  Now, this course is forcing me (in all the most perfect ways) to write my grief.  Good, bad, ugly, and all that lies in between those loud parts in my head I get to write to share.  I get to write to cope and learn how to use this "outlet" to keep my heart healthy and happy in this place of grief that I have to carry for the rest of my life.  

What a blessing this will be each day when I get to meet other writers who share something we wish we didn't share, but who understand something others maybe can't. 

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