Sunday, November 22, 2015

#7 Write Your Grief: Found Poetry

Our prompt today was a little different.  We were told to find a Sunday paper, or any newspaper and open it up to an article with a lot of words.  I grabbed my favorite pink pen, took a deep breath, and then started circling words that jumped out at me.  

I used The Fort Thomas Recorder which seemed to have just the words I needed to share a few things that are always on my heart in regards to Charlie.

Here goes nothing...

Fresh haircut
Today was a special day
He knew people
I thought he looked fantastic
Quite frankly

Make Christmas brighter
Bring them a gift
Someone is thinking of them
Great tradition
Now, spend the holiday alone

First, hints of hope
It's a mystery
And will remain a mystery
Feels like a dream
Tucked away in his heart
Emotions are running
Swiftly after death
Walk away inspired. 

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