Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Beautiful Cross

There is something so special about kids.  Even big kids in fourth grade have more faith and more grace than most adults I know.  A week or so ago I got a message on my phone from a friend at work.  She sent the sweetest story about her daughter.  As they worked to update and freshen up her room for her 10th birthday they were also purging.  While her mom and aunt took things down and cleaned things out one piece came off the wall and got crumbled up.  It was headed for the trash when Campbell turned and kind of looked downcast.  Eventually the truth came out about this picture of a cross that hung on her wall and the story behind it brought tears.

Campbell drew that picture when Charlie was in the hospital.  She kept it hung up in her room as a reminder to pray for him and pray for us.  It wasn't a fancy piece of paper and it didn't have a frame around it, but it was so valuable to her and to us.  I know she kept it because as I have walked through the last year and a half Campbell has seen the tears well up in my eyes a time or two before and after school and I know her heart so full of faith knew that she didn't want to forget to pray.  I am thankful for her ability to share that grace and love in a way that was so secret and personal between her and her God.  What a beautiful testimony Campbell.  Thank you for loving us and thank you for continuing to pray.  You are wise beyond your years.        

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