Monday, January 4, 2016

Time Warp

It always seems Christmas break is like a time warp for my twins.  We all go into the break completely worn out and ready for a true break away from the grind and during that break we finally get a chance to breathe.  The twins get our undivided attention and in that two weeks it seems like they just grow up.  I almost cannot even explain it.  It is always special but this time just seemed even more magical than it has before. 

Macy is starting to really stop before she "reacts" (if you know her you know what kind of reaction I am talking about...) and think about things we have talked about that she can say when she is worked up.  She understands how to really "play" with her toys and uses her imagination.  The absolute best part is seeing her love of dancing and singing.  I have not one musical and/or coordinated bone in my body.  (She must have gotten that from her daddy.)  So it is especially fun for me to see her just let loose and dance and sing.  And she loves Jesus.  This girl is not afraid or shy about shouting his name and it makes me proud.  

Johnny is more and more agreeable as well.  When he wants something and I tell him no he just responds (for the most part) with "Okay Mommy."  It melts my heart.  He also plays so well with his new toys.  He has always loved trains, sports, and yard work (go figure) so anything involving any of those three makes him smile big.  The other thing about him that I am seeing more and more is his empathy.  He looks at you when you are sad and sits with you and tells you that he loves you.  He doesn't try and change anything, he just lets you know he is there. 

Both of them are truly blessings.  They are normal kids and they can be tough sometimes (okay, a lot of times) and I second guess my parenting approach and worry about them constantly but they will forever be true joys.  They will forever be blessings.  Seeing these little time warps when we get to be home for extended amounts of time is neat.  It is a special time in the middle of the hustle and bustle.  I am so thankful.   

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