Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nehemiah 6:3

I am left with only a few hours before I wake up, actually get dressed, and go mold the minds of my students.  To say that I am less than enthusiastic is an understatement, but I am choosing joy because as I sit here and think about the things that I am "less than enthusiastic about" not one of them includes my students or the actual teaching part of my job.  Those parts bring me joy and help me find purpose in this great big world.  I always think about Nehemiah 6:3 when I want to give up or someone else wants me to give up or tries to drag me down. 

Nehemiah 6:3 says, "I am doing a great work, I can't come down."

If we truly believed in ourselves and in the work God entrusted us with wouldn't it be easier to walk into work the Monday after a long break with a smile on our faces no matter how tired we are? 

So happy Monday everyone!  I am keeping a smile on my face tomorrow. 


  1. Thanks for your inspiration! I've been repeating that verse in my head as I get ready!

  2. It's my go to Radety! Makes me better!!


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