Tuesday, February 23, 2016

R+F Pay Day

I am writing something out of the ordinary, but feel it has a place here because it is slowly becoming a big part of my life.  I recently started selling Rodan + Fields skincare.  I love the products, I love the company, and I am already loving the additional income.  I have so many things on my list of why I took the opportunity when I realized it was too good to pass up but one that is especially close to my heart is my desire to do something for the families that visit Cincinnati Children's hospital each and every day.  While it is a place I am beyond thankful for it is also a place full of horrifying memories for me and my family.  I just can't let it stay that way.  I want to make good from this sorrow.  Each month after my R+F payday and/or when I can I plan to take some of the income I am making selling skincare to purchase something, make something, or buy something for the families that are there waiting on answers for their children or waiting on their children to get well. 

This month my project is pillows.   It may seem silly but until you have tried to sleep in a hospital on one of those little pull-out couches with a pillow as thin as the sheet your are pulling up to your face you have no idea how amazing a comfortable pillow can be, and not to mention a clean and comfy pillow case!  It's the little things when life takes you someplace like that.  You have no time to think or bring something to make yourself more comfortable when your primary concern is taking care of your child. 

So from this desire and from the "residual" income that I have made my first month in business this first and very small project has begun.  I will post pictures when I make the care packages and then again when I build up enough courage to walk back into that hospital, this time for something good.  Say a prayer over this project and then for the mommas (and dads) that may lay their head on these pillows.   

These pictures all have a bigger purpose in common. I can't wait to see that unfold more and more each day! 

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