Thursday, February 11, 2016

Whenever I Remember...

I am prefacing this post with, 'Don't make fun of me.'  My obsession with Melanie Shankle is a real thing and her fun spirit I find in her blog makes me keep coming back for more.  One of my favorites posts is her Friday Fashion Finds.  So I decided to lighten up the blog a little by staring my own version.  This is going to be referred to as the, "Whenever I remember to post about fun clothes I don't have but would love to buy..." posts.  Y'all know I cannot be held accountable for having to post every Thursday or Friday or any day of the week for that matter.  Life is too uncertain and I would rather not put that pressure on myself.  So with that being said, I know I have absolutely NO authority in this arena but I love looking and it keeps my mind on happy things sometimes when I can veg out in front of Scandal on a Thursday night and find clothes I wish I could buy.

Are you ready?!  Here comes my wishlist...

1. Fringe Blanket Sweater 

This is on par for me because it has fringe and the inner crazy likes to come outside the box every so often and wear fringe!  So while the weather is still cold, this is perfect.

2. Abbey Cold Shoulder Sweater 

I am also taking risks (on my wish list...) with the idea of revealing shoulders.  What do you guys think?  I am wishing for something like this to just happen into my closet so I can try it out when the time is right...

3. Fringe Bootie by Jessica Simpson 

I love fringe!  Maybe the box I need to step out of is the fringe box...but I just can't help but think these are perfect (if they are comfortable).  I would wear these in place of my worn out black flats.  It would add a lot to my boring old black outfits.

4. Bungalow Wrap by Alternative

This has turned into "Things Casey is Obsessed With..." because next is Buffalo Check!  I love it and this is my new favorite way to wear it.  Look how cute she looks in her rugged yet chic buffalo check blazer.

5.  Slip On Fur Bootie

Winter is almost over (hopefully) but I secretly LOVE winter clothes way more than anything I could put on in the spring or summer.   These are calling my name, especially since my toes are freezing right now and (bonus) I could wear them with my go to pants...leggings!

6. Snowflake Flurry 

Speaking of cold toes.  These would great for keeping me cozy and smiling.

7. Kai Vest

They don't have my size!  This is the one item that I looked closely at to actually buy!  Lucky me, they don't have my size in stock...this outfit she just "threw on" (I'm sure) is right up my alley.  I love it and looking at her wear it makes me think I would look like a cool mom if I put it on too!!

I have no rules for these posts remember!?  So tonight, Scandal is over and my bed is calling my name.  I am leaving you with seven of my favorite things, all from Evereve's website.  I didn't do a whole lot of work to entertain you tonight.  Just stalked my favorite site's sale styles.  Enjoy! 

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