Saturday, March 5, 2016


Just this evening a friend came by and asked how she could help her friend dealing with a life altering circumstance similar to our story.  I feel like God has brought me to this place.  I am well enough to know that healing will now come when I am able to serve someone else.  I can sit in the mourning booth of another with no words, only a heart full of hurt for something that bonds those of us that have experienced this pain.

I am beginning to heal and I am beginning to see that this excruciating pain will not last forever.  Each time I lean into the pain, each time I feel the raw emotion of losing my Charlie I realize that I can do it.  I can keep going and keep learning to carry it.  Even more than that I can help someone else that is dealing with a similar situation, or if nothing else I can pray so hard for them.


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