Friday, July 23, 2010

Jackie is finally here!

My first out of town (aside from Lexington...I love you mom and dad) person came to visit today!

Jackie (Hunter) Smith and I have been trying to plan this visit for a long time! Finally, yesterday we both just thought the time had come to stop talking about it and actually make it happen! We searched airplane tickets, train tickets, and called several other people to find out if they wanted to make the trip with her but we had no luck (unless of course she wanted to pay over $400 to get here). We decided against those very expensive options and thought the idea had deflated like it sometimes does because the distance is so great. I had moved from the computer (where I was searching feverishly) to the couch (where I sat really bummed out). All of the sudden I received a very surprising phone call at 9:00 last night. It was Jackie saying she was on her way to Nashville to spend the night with our other good friends (Martha Ray) before she continued her trip today to Fort Thomas.

"What? Are you serious?!" That was my response. Seeing a best friend is exciting and hard to believe when they live so far away.

More to come...

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