Sunday, May 15, 2011

Findlay Market

This morning John and I went on a "date" to Findlay Market after church. It was raining and kind of cold but we decided to go anyway. We walked around and looked at each vendor, deciding whether or not we should purchase something. It is always fun to get something new and "fresh" from Findlay.

We decided on a few things, including some new spices and some cheesy bratwursts (John's favorite). We walked a little bit further and if you have ever been to Findlay Market, you know there is one place that you cannot pass when you visit. We lovingly call this place the "waffle place." We do not even have to ask if either of us want to stop, because we know that we always do!

They have the best waffles in the world! They definitely beat any that I have had before, even at the infamous Winslow in Murray, Kentucky. They make Belgium waffles and top them with either strawberries or chocolate and whipped cream. I must share a picture. They are heavenly!

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