Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gift Jars

I wanted to share an idea I found on a friend's blog and then actually attempted instead of just oohing and ahhing over it.

I went to college with Brooke and as our "new member educator" in our sorority she was an inspiration to me then and continues to be now (even though I don't get to see her...I still keep up with her and her family through her blog). Here is a link to her blog! Enjoy!

I made gifts jars for my house as well. My sweet husband is not really a planner, and while that part of him drives me crazy, another friend made me realize that is truly one of the things I love about him too. We are different, but we definitely balance each other out and fit together well. So anyway, with his procrastinating habits I figured this simple and very easy idea would help him (and me) when it comes time to go buy a gift for any occasion.

I found two old mason jars and tied two different colors ribbons around the outside. I then used small gift tags to identify whose jar was whose using our initials. Here is the finished product. All we have to do now is add gift ideas when we see them online or in a magazine. What do you think? I love them!

John already said he wants to put "chainsaw" in the jar?! That is kind of an odd first gift to throw in the jar but I guess cutting out the huge (and very ugly) bush in our front yard that day inspired him. I can't complain too much though, we do have a great yard all thanks to him! In the picture below you will see our new dogwood tree and three beautiful (soon to be red) mums Johnny planted after taking out the over-grown bushes.

(I also explained that me writing down his ideas on a piece of paper kind of defeats the whole will be a much better gift if he tells me brand, color, size, etc. when he writes it down!) Look closely you will see "chainsaw" I have any idea what kind of chainsaw to buy!? To be honest I just wanted to have something in the jars!

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