Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hot Browns and Ice Cream

Tuesdays we normally venture out and grab a quick dinner at Skyline (where kids eat free on Tuesdays), however tonight with the unbearably cold temps we opted for dinner in.  I had a couple of things in the refrigerator from our Kroger run on Sunday but nothing sounded really very good or easy.

With those two things in mind (yummy and EASY), we located all the ingredients for hot browns!  Suddenly nothing else sounded nearly as appetizing.  So I toasted our almost stale bread, cooked the turkey, ham, and bacon and then made a little country gravy.  It was perfect and the babies loved it too!

There is nothing better than a warm quiet night in!

So now with the babies tucked in bed and the house picked up I decided to grab a bowl of ice cream.  I know, I am kind of contradicting myself, but who can resist?!  

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