Friday, January 24, 2014


All of the sudden I have two little monkeys living in my house!  Macy and Johnny have learned how to climb and do they ever climb!  This week alone they have shown that they can climb on the coffee table, sofa, train table, kitchen table, AND out of cribs (particularly Macy). 

Macy was really the first to attempt any of these things but once she learned (with that independent attitude of hers) that she could climb up on the coffee table and clap for herself she wanted nothing to do with the one million toys she calls her own or her loving parents.  She only wants to climb. 

It was a job keeping her off things and teaching her that we did not want her to climb on everything in sight.  At times, I will admit, we were slacker parents because it was easier to ignore her and have her get tired of climbing rather than fight with her each and every time she pulled herself up on something new.  But for the most part, we were diligent and kept her off furniture among other things.  Apparently that didn't make any difference.   

This week as I mentioned we reached a record number of things climbed on in our home (see the list above).  The worst, by far was her crib.  Macy learned that if she does not want to be in her crib all she has to to is hike her little (and skinny I might add) leg up over her crib railing and swing herself over the edge.  She then shimmies herself down the side until she reaches the floor or the small chair sitting near her bed.  We recorded the whole thing once we realized she could do it.  It is truly unbelievable the strength involved.

So with that being said we lowered both babies cribs.  I hope this helps us avoid taking the dive straight into toddler beds.  My babies are too little for that!  I just can't bear the thought. 

Oh and I mentioned I have monkeys (plural) living with me.  Yes, Macy has inevitably taught her brother a thing or two.  However, we learned quickly he is not quite as agile as she is.  Today when he climbed the kitchen chair (behind my back while I was pulling Macy down from another chair) he fell over onto the floor and bumped his lip.  It was the worst sound I have ever heard when he hit the floor and I felt like the worst parent.  I think I cried probably as much as he did and for the next 30 minutes he just laid on my chest.  I finally calmed him down and we found out that he was fine once we started playing again. 

Monkeys I tell you...monkeys!                  

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