Saturday, February 28, 2015

Treasures in a Normal Day

Both the twins found a picture of themselves with Charlie in Charlie's old bedroom yesterday.  My mom had helped me put the few pictures that we had of Charlie in frames for the funeral.  Now, several of them are dispersed throughout our home so that when anyone walks in they do not mistake us for having two kids.  We have three.

The best part about the twins finding those pictures is their reaction to who was with them in those pictures.  They both knew immediately.  Macy hugged her frame and said in her sweet and motherly voice, "Ahhh...Baby Charlie" while Johnny said something about playing with Charlie and sharing his pillow.

I hope we can keep those sweet memories alive for them.  I hope that we can always do something special to remember how precious Charlie is to us and how deeply we miss him every day.  But most importantly my hope is that as we start doing more things and developing another new routine or "normal" as some may say, I pray we are still enough to hear those precious voices say Charlie's name and recognize that he is their brother.

Those moments are priceless and moments I will treasure forever, as long as I live.

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