Monday, April 13, 2015

Love of a Brother

This precious boy went and saw Charlie with me.  Most of the time I have a hard time going because I know Charlie isn't really there but for some reason some days it helps.  Johnny happened to be with me (he wanted nothing to do with a nap this particular day) on Easter after our lunch with my family.  I decided to stop and visit Charlie after we realized Target and Michaels were both closed.  When I told him we were going to see Charlie he lit up.  I think he thought we were actually going to see Charlie.  He said, "Where is he Mom?"  I just told him he is in heaven.  He quickly said, "Heaven?"  He repeats everything anyone says so I left it at that.  

We turned into the cemetery and stopped near the tree Charlie is buried under right next to Hayley.  I pointed and showed Johnny where Charlie was and he said, "There's Charlie!"  He told me over and over where he was and then out of the clear blue sky he said, "I want to kiss him Mommy."  

I have been given no greater gift than my children.  Their innocence and selfless love teaches me about God's love day after day.  Bless his heart.  Tears welled up in my eyes and fell on Charlie's grave.  I think he knew we were there and I think he knows his brother misses him and wants to see him.

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