Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thank You

I have said this before but I am surprised over and over by the number of people that read the blog and then reach out to me.  I write my feelings down to get them out of my head.  That is literally the only reason that I write at this point.  Sometimes the blog is the only thing I have, the only place I feel like I can get it all out.

This week as I wrote down some of the things in my head it didn't even cross my mind that I may receive grace and love and support in some many different ways. I didn't think about the people that may read it.   

But tonight because of every single one of those people that reached out whether it be because of the blog or because they could read the lie on my face I am in a better place.  I went to school today with a determination that I haven't had the past few days.  I talked with my husband tonight and we said Charlie's name to one another.  Little Johnny gave me a lot of kisses (completely out of the blue) and Macy said she loved me a lot!  We did dinner as a family.  We cuddled in "the big bed" and watched a show before bed.  We prayed and now we are all laying down resting. 

We are going to be okay.  Even through the waves, we will be okay.  I have felt your prayers and love and grace.  There is no doubt God answers prayers.  He helped me through the past few days so that I could get to the other side of this really weird grief time.  So thank you friends.  Thanks for reaching out and being the hands and feet of Jesus.

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