Saturday, November 28, 2015

DIY Shelving and the Hallmark Channel

I need a break.  I need to write about something else. Talking and writing about my grief is good for the soul, but so is a distraction.

This Thanksgiving break has been hard but also a much, much needed break.  We typically pack and travel and go to several dinners but this break was completely different.  I missed the normal hustle and bustle; but I actually enjoyed being in our new home more than I thought I would.  We cleaned and made a peanut butter pie for our dinner Friday but other than those necessary things we just were still.  This season has been so busy and so full that it felt good to sit.  Having a day to rest (while everyone else was running around like crazy having Thanksgiving meals) was perfect.  We enjoyed family time and took naps and ate pot roast.  On Friday, we did have the perfect family Thanksgiving meal after I picked up my parents from the airport.  John and Jane outdid themselves as always and we all ate until we were uncomfortable.  Then we went back for dessert!  The tricky part about Thanksgiving without someone is that you are missing a chair; an actual physical thing.  We were missing a highchair at the table but I forced myself to remember how thankful I am that I have family reminding me I am not alone and that we have the promise of heaven.  There is no greater blessing.  

With all that being said, once this evening rolled around my mind needed a distraction.  Everyone left and the hustle and bustle was over.  The only difference today was that there is nothing in the very near future to look forward to.  So I decided to make something.  I wanted to accomplish something and feel proud of it.  And with a secret (and very exciting) gift coming John's way for Christmas I wanted to "prep" the bar for the upcoming holiday (and gift).  So...I made two shelves.  I bought wood, plumbing pipes, spray paint, stain, screws, and a stud finder.  (Side note: If you do not have a stud finder, go get one immediately.)  These suckers are never coming down and it is all thanks to my brilliant dad for letting me know I could purchase a stud finder for $10 at Lowe's.  Who knew?!  He said, "Find the stud, screw those puppies in, and you're good to go."

This is obviously (looking at the picture) not a complete project and I am almost embarrassed about the chaos in the background of this picture but bear with me and I will post an update once these shelves are staged and the rest of the room is clean!  I have to say, this is the easiest and most bang for your buck (the wood was $16 and the pipes were $23) kind of project if you like the look.   I can say that I am proud and my mind was distracted for a bit this evening.  Win, win!  Now, I'm ready for my bed and the Hallmark channel. 

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