Friday, April 1, 2016

Balloons...Popping Up Everywhere

My sister always includes Charlie in the most subtle but oh so loving ways with our kids. This afternoon while we wrapped up the school day and packed up the last few things in our car for spring break Aunt Kiki took Macy and Johnny to their house.  They were watching Scout for the week so we had to stop off at their house anyway. When we arrived they were all playing outside, getting that bundled up energy out before they were going to be stuck in the car all night.  When we left she asked, "Did you get the picture I sent?" I told her I hadn't and she said she'd send them again. When I got in the car I saw the pictures pop up in my messages. Kiley, Macy, and Johnny all posed for these pictures.  

I am sure this isn't why she did it or what she had in mind when she sent them to me but as soon as I saw them I thanked God for allowing me to be Macy, Johnny, and Charlie's momma. Someday, Macy and Johnny will make their way to heaven, long after me I pray, and they will get to experience heaven the same way their brother is now.  

They'll take the pretend balloon bundle for now. They know Charlie would love those balloons. Thanks Aunt Kiki for including Charlie in the pictures today. 

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