Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Shape of our Miracles

Miracles are so often unrecognizable if you are not looking closely for them.

I recently read the book, Miracles from Heaven.  If you have not read it you must stop right now and download it to your kindle or iPad and find a comfy place to veg out and read.  The story is beautiful because the mom in that book (and in her real life) is able to recognize the miracles big and small in her life.  Her family now lives as though everyday is a miracle.   The movie also portrays this so well.  It is worth every penny at the dollar movie right now.  

When I dig deep and relive some of July 2014 I find miracles.  My miracles include; two gallons of milk and three cartons of strawberries, giant bags of Werther's and Riesen candy, cleared schedules for lunch in the hospital cafeteria, prayers, letters, a lovie on Charlie's head, goodies for the twins, flowers, warm meals, our dog being groomed, ice cream, a blanket, a change of clothes, my mom sleeping with Charlie so I could go home and shower and sleep in my bed, my family holding me up when I couldn't stand, and the list of miracles could go on for eternity.  

God wrapped his arms around us and continues to daily.  I reached out for prayers today and a picture I posted now has 129 people stopping to do just that; pray.  Thankful for this community of people that I can lean on.  You all are my miracles.   

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