Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Halloween

It's Halloween.  It's one of our family's favorites.  We love dressing up, but much more importantly we LOVE candy.  This morning as I am driving to school one of those grief attacks came at the worst possible moment.  It was unexpected and absolutely not what you want to happen when you are getting ready to walk into a building with over 400 students staring at you because you look like the tree from the book The Giving Tree.  It's impossible not to look at someone dressed like a tree, crying no less.  So I pulled it together and just thought to myself instead of expressing it outwardly, 'What would Charlie have been if he were dressing up this year for Halloween?'  I can't help but wonder if he would have been like Macy and Johnny or a more typical Paw Patrol/Superhero costume.  So I ended the conversation with myself (in my head) with, 'I am sure he would have loved it just like we do.  I am sure he would have devoured candy just as the twins do.  It would have been so much fun with him here.'   



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