Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Walk

We love Halloween around our parts.  We take full advantage of every single fall activity that exists.  This evening one of our favorite traditions continued as we took on the Pumpkin Walk.  We have gone to the Pumpkin walk since before the twins were born.  And once they came along I believe we missed what would have been their first one (since they were only a few months old and still too tiny to get out of the house much) and then have gone ever since.  This year, at four years old, the most telling comment made all evening was, "Man, this gets easier every single year..."  And it is true.  They love the season and they love running around like any other kids hyped up about seeing jack-o-lanterns glowing in the woods.

This year there was only one difference; John did not enter any of our pumpkins in the contest.  He is typically in the running for first prize for the "traditional pumpkin" and I think after seeing a few "traditional pumpkin" entries he was disappointed we ran out of time to join in on the contest fun.  But with the excitement we get to see from the twins and their cousins while they walk along the trail we still had a lot of fun.    

We met Aunt Kiki, Kiley, and Grayson at Tower Park and waited anxiously in line for the festivities to begin.  The kids ran around the park and grassy area while Kari, Jane, and I talked Rodan and Fields and how in the world our kids could be as big as they are now.   We took the cliche pictures while waiting in line and then also in front of the balloons at the entrance of the walk.


Our evening ended with the most perfect trip to Graeters to top off the sugar high all four of our littles were on from Halloween parties and the other treats we used for various reasons (Yes, I bribe my kids when I need them to do something and I am out of energy to really fight a battle...).  It was a good night.  It was a fun tradition continued; one I am sure the twins will continue to look forward to every year around this time.

We are thankful we get to live in a place where our community gives back with fun experiences tailored to our kids and family.  We even got a small wink from Charlie boy.  {I wish you could walk through those trails with us little man.  I would give anything to see you again and hold your hand while we blaze a new trail with all three of you.  Thanks for the wink.  Thanks for reminding me you are with me even when it feels like you are a million miles away.}

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