Wednesday, December 2, 2015

#17 Write Your Grief: Grief is Everywhere

Begin your writing today with this not-so-simple sentence: grief is everywhere. 

Right now, in my life, grief is everywhere.  It is in the smallest moments that flood my soul every single day as well as in the big events that consume my mind with what could have been and what was.   

There is a family that we know that has a child with special needs.  I'll call her Sarah.  Sarah is kind and smart and so happy about all the little things that matter most.  Every time I see her I think to myself, is that what Charlie be like if he were here with us now?  Charlie had brain damage (among other things) so if he were still living he would not be a typical little boy.  He wouldn't do all the things I imagine him doing.  Sarah also had brain damage.  She suffered from something completely unexpected (and preventable), but her family has grabbed hold of their life with a joy like none I have seen in those circumstances.  Grief interrupts me in that moment.  Not only would I hope my faith and joy would outshine the hardships I then stop and think, I don't even get a chance.  I will never again get the chance to kiss Charlie on his head or grab Charlie's fingers or read Charlie a book.

It is amazing how many books and movies have loved ones dying in them. 

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