Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Women's March 2017

I try not to criticize or be disappointed in people because I am positive I am also disappointing.  I am also "what is wrong with the world."  Not one of us is perfect.  And while I realize all of this is true, I refuse to teach my little girl that walking down a street with a vulgar sign describing her body parts (that should be covered by underwear) is a good way to be an independent, respected, and loving lady and eventually woman.

I want her to look out for others.  She is being raised in a loving home where she is looked out for and cherished.  If and when she feels like there is someone that is not loved and cherished I want her to look out for them.  I want her to help them if she can and if and when the time comes that she cannot help them I want her to ask someone for help.  We will be there for her.  We will help her look out for others too.

I want her to have a meaningful conversations with people that are different from her.  I don't expect her to have the exact same thoughts that I do.  I want her to think for herself and as she grows up thinking for herself means finding friends and also learning about others.  Having conversations with people that think and believe differently than her will encourage her to figure out what she really believe as truth.  I want that for her.

I keep thinking, how vastly different the Facebook feeds and new articles would be if the women that marched really, actually wanted their voices to be heard and their actions to be seen.  What if instead of standing together in the middle of cities all over America, the women that marched, walked into soup kitchens, tutoring centers, nursing homes, churches or the thousands of other places that need a positive role model to volunteer for just one day.  What if they all helped someone that needed them?  What if they really stood up for the women that can't "stand up" for themselves?  

I can't help but think (or maybe hope is a better word) that that would have had a much bigger impact on our world.  I think it still would have taken the media by storm.  They could have "proven their worth" with something worthwhile and most importantly taught our daughters that you do not need  to find your worth in anyone but your Heavenly Father and we can come together for good.


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